Thursday, January 14, 2010

What a week!

I am not even sure where to begin. I am four days into my second term of school and totally overwhelmed. I think I just uploaded my Psychology homework online but I'm not sure if I did it right. My Med/Surg Professor talks so fast I feel like she is going warp speed when I am stuck in slow motion and my Pharmacology Professor's voice is so soft and quiet it nearly puts me to sleep. Plus the best part of all - my clinical patient is in a vegetative state, has an NG tube, a tracheotomy, a catheter, needs medicine by injections, requires daily enemas, and the best part of all (as if that isn't enough to make me rethink this whole nurse thing) she has a condition with her eyes that requires eye drops and apparently you have to be extra careful administering said eye drops because her eyeball falls out...literally, and you have to put it back in. Yes, I'm serious!!! All this in my first four days!

I am having some pretty significant nausea and pain in my upper right side and back. My right hip is really hurting too on my side and back. I feel like I'm a mess. I spoke with Dr. GI and he has suggested I take this medicine that is supposed to help with the severe diarrhea I have been having (upwards of 10-15 times a day) but my insurance won't pay for it so his office is trying to fight with the insurance about it. I apparently do have pancreatitis which is causing the pain and nausea and the ERCP he did where he clipped my common bile duct did help to lower my lipase level. So all that is fine and good but meanwhile I'm kind of stuck until the insurance decides to pay for the new medicine. UGH! Normally they treat pancreatitis with pancreatic enzymes but past experiences have proven I cannot tolerate those.

I rescheduled my appointment with the new GI for February 3rd. It was supposed to be today but I didn't want to miss school since it is still a little crazy so far. Plus I was hoping to be on the new medicine a while before I went to see the new guy so I would know if it was helping or not. I guess I still have a few weeks for that.

I feel like I need to just stop and breathe but I don't have time. I have a million things racing through my mind. Mainly hoping that I don't throw up when dealing with my clinical patient. I wasn't crazy about getting a patient with a trache, or a patient with a NG tube, or a patient who needed enemas, but seriously a patient who has all those things PLUS an eyeball that falls out!?!?! If I believed in Karma I would have to wonder what I did wrong. :)

Pictures of the ORANGE bathroom are coming soon. I still need to put the border up. I am hoping to do that this weekend. Stay tuned.

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BrightSide said...

Hi Jenni,

wow you sure have your hands full. I almost screamed when I read about the eyeball... ack!

I think that it is amazing what you are doing with going to nursing school. Keep at it- we need more nurses and doctors who know what it's like to be a patient!

I hope you get some answers soon from your doctors!