Saturday, December 26, 2009


Spent some time with my family today. It was good to see everyone considering the last time we were all together I believe it was my brother-in-law's funeral. Very sad. But today was happy. And I really wish it didn't have to end.

Here's some pictures that were taken over the last several days that I want to share. Some aren't the greatest of quality thanks to my "cheap phone" as some would say. But here they are anyway.

First up is Dena holding her baby cousin Jade. Jade just had a birthday and turned 1 whole year old. Baby Lauren (Lo) is in the background attempting to crawl. She's 9 months old.

Next is a random picture of my dog, Baylee, with antlers on her head. I'm so mean to my poor dog. But she is cute!

My mom has this thing every year where she buys the grandkids pajamas and takes a picture of them on her staircase. The picture is always hilarious because my daughter is the oldest so she gets to handle all the babies. And when you are dealing with little kids it's impossible to get them all to look and smile at the same time. I'm hoping to get the full picture of all six grandkids from my mom soon but here is the girl half of the clan taken from my crappy cheap phone. Baby Jade is in the green and Baby Lo is in red and white. My Dena is handling the babes quite well.

Finally, we have a photo from the restaurant where we ate dinner tonight. I won't mention the name so I don't get sued or anything but suffice it to say that it's in the town I grew up. No wonder I can't spell.... We also determined that you can feel free to not only take your dentures out and dip them in your water glass, but lay them on the table until you get done eating. And since it isn't a high class buffet you can just reuse the same plate every time you go up. I'm really still trying to figure out what kind of pie that was too. Wow! Anyway, here's the sign...

Good times.

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