Friday, December 4, 2009

It's amazing what is NOT gross to me!

Today in clinicals I helped a fellow student with Patient who needed a shower. Since Patient is unable to stand Patient was put into a shower chair. The shower chairs have an open seat so you are able to wash the "nether region" of the patients. The shower went well and after we were finished Patient was wheeled out of the shower and sat beside the bed so we could finish drying, clothing, and putting Patient back in bed. While waiting on the lift from another room, the other student nurse, our teacher and myself stood there with Patient who was still sitting in the shower chair. I noticed that Patient's foot was resting right beside something. Without really thinking about it I went to slide whatever this was away from Patient's foot. As soon as my shoe touched it I was poo.

Patient had pooped through the shower chair and it was on the floor and stupid me just stepped in it. All I could do was laugh. I was so not even grossed out. Just a little annoyed I got it on my shoe!

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