Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It could be fun

During our 4 hour break in between classes today some friends and I came up with an amazing way to make a colonoscopy way more fun. See, when you have had a camera put in places where things don't belong you have to entertain yourself somehow to keep from sulking and/or going completely crazy. Plus, it's just funny!

Much like the beer pong drinking game "Poop Pong" can be done with the Colyte or Fleet Phospho Soda or whatever horrible nastiness you have to drink to clean out your system instead of beer. I do not in any way advocate drinking alcohol - especially with Crohn's - however since you will need to drink large quantities of the laxative and you are going to be excreting it all anyway, there really is no need for a disclaimer with this game. Well, maybe you might want to tell your friends who DON'T have a colonoscopy scheduled the next day that they may want to drink something else. Or not. >:} The first to make it to the bathroom wins - for obvious reasons!

Upon laughing hysterically about this we realized that this could work for most drinking games out there. Watch Scarface and take shots of Fleet Phospho Soda every time you hear Tony Montana cuss. You'd get that stuff down pretty quick!

Play "Quarters" with the Dulcolax tablets they give you to take. Since you have to consume two or three different kinds of laxatives anyway before the test you might as well just mix them altogether, right? See if you can bounce a Dulcolax into a cup of Colyte. If you make it...drink'er down! If you miss...drink'er down!

As you can see this could go on and on. Any other suggestions? Can you tell I am totally bored and finals are next week and I really don't want to study??

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