Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weird stomach stuff and math

I am coming down from some serious stress and my stomach is paying the price. I have been pretty keyed up for the past two weeks or so about my nursing math test. It was a make or break test. You had to pass with a 90% or better which means you could only miss 2 questions. Just 2.

Math is so not my thing and this wasn't just addition or subtraction either. It was conversions from grains to micrograms and milliliters to teaspoons, etc... and everything was written out in prescription lingo that doctors use. "Lasix 40mg PO BID" for an easy example. So they give you the order then give you what's on hand which is totally different and requires several mathematical calculations of how to get said order out of said available medication. Then they want the answer broken down into three separate ways to administer said medication. Needless to say it was pretty complicated - especially for me, the math atheist. And as if the pressure of passing the test with a safety net of only 2 possible errors wasn't bad enough, our whole entire nursing class rides on this test. All the clinicals, all the labs and all the lectures. Failure was not an option. The test was yesterday. I PASSED! Praise God!! Literally, praise God because I totally could not have done that on my own!!

So now that the pressure is off a little bit (I still have anatomy & physiology and nursing finals in two weeks) I am feeling much more confident about this school thing. However my stomach is starting to feel the effects of all the stress. Coming down from stress seems to be worse for my stomach than the actual stress itself. It's more painful anyway. I wonder if anyone else finds that coming down from stress is worse than the stress itself.

Thanksgiving is coming up and there are a ton of things I am thankful for. Knowing I will not have to take the stupid math test and repeat a class is on the top of the list.

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