Saturday, November 28, 2009


I remember being on Predinsone around this time last year and having a horrible time with my stomach. In remembering this I have come to realize that a whole year has passed and I am still not doing that great with my stomach - well not as great as I want to be doing.

I'm still experiencing a lot of pain around the gall bladder area which is weird considering I don't have a gall bladder anymore. I guess this is what Dr. GI feels is a pancreatic duct problem. I get to have the wonderful ERCP procedure done on December 22. Maybe that will help. I'm thinking of actually having my enzyme levels checked again before the procedure just to see if they are still elevated.

I am back to going to the bathroom about 10 or more times a day now and it's all watery. I'm not sure if the burning diarrhea or the constant wiping hurts more.

My joints have been very achy for the last several days. That is a tell tale sign for me that something is not favorable with my Crohn's. It's my hips mostly but also my elbows and knees. A little in my wrists and now my shoulders are even achy a little. That's new.

I am also continuing to regularly wake up almost every night choking on my own vomit. Generally this results in a slight aspiration of bile and then several hours of coughing and choking until my throat stops burning long enough for me to fall back asleep. I am finding this increasingly annoying as it leads me to have chest pains for one to two days afterwards. I am thinking this is much more than just GERD/acid reflux because I have A) never experienced this type of problem and I have had GERD longer than I have had Crohn's and B) I am on a kick butt medication for GERD and don't have any of my normal symptoms of it. So I don't know. Probably another pancreatic thing. (she said sarcastically)

So I leave you now with the complete update on me. I gotta go poop again.

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