Saturday, November 7, 2009

I'm seeing a veterinarian

I have come to the conclusion that Dr. GI is a veterinarian. He should be refered to as Dr. DVM instead. I believe this because he must seriously think I have nine lives. I got the results from my blood work and my Lipase level was high. Pretty good indication of chronic pancreatitis according to Dr. GI. Treatment? Pancreatic enzymes is the first thing they try. Let's review what happen the last time these little puppies were involved. Click here for the full story.

Dr. GI gave me a different kind of enzymes this time. A lower dose made differently than the ones before. I didn't want to take them but since there is apparently some kind of real pancreatic issue going on and not speculation on Dr. GI's part anymore, I figured I would (wo)man up and try again. I took two Ultrase with dinner around 6:30 pm last night. Went to bed around 9:30 pm because my stomach was really hurting with that nagging pain. By 11:30 pm I was up vomiting uncontrollably. This lasted until about 4 am this morning. Complete with the blood just like before. Severe diarrhea just like before. Total weakness just like before. I did not however go to the hospital like before.

Today I my whole body is hurting so bad I can barely move. I have made it to the couch with the heating pad, my computer, and my cell phone and this is where I shall remain. I have my breakfast of nice cold ice chips and I am about to eat a Phenergan just to be on the safe side. I cannot handle any more vomiting.

Dr. GI isn't in the office - obviously - until Monday. It is imperative that the man realize I am not a cat with nine lives!


J said...

Hi Jenni - Your blog is great! I was up early with IBD fun myself & read your latest post. I have UC/possible Crohn's & had elevated pancreatic enzymes for 6 months. My GI thought it was medication related (some meds can cause pancreatitis), but after I was taken off the meds that could have caused it and my enzymes were still 10x normal, she sent me to a pancreatic specialist who did an EUS (endoscopic ultrasound - like an EGD but with ultrasound - throat is VERY sore after). In my case, there were no visible problems so they don't know why my enzymes were high (they are normal now!), but that is the way to tell if you have anything going on in the pancreas, ducts, etc. I seems that you should have an EUS to really see what is going on. Hope this helps. I will pray for you! ~ Jenny

Jenni :) said...

Thanks J for letting me know about the EUS. I will mention it to the vet next week. :) Thanks for reading. I hope you feel better soon. I will pray for you too!!!

Lindsey said...

I've felt that way too. I was on remicade and I hated it. The night sweats, the sweaty just all the time sweaty, and I still had massive diarrhea. And I had to pop a pheneragan just to have ice chips. Ugh.