Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Can I get a witness??

Okay, what is the deal with pooping in public? I have had my own issues with this since the whole Crohn's diagnosis back in 1995 but have worked my way up to being able to poop in a public restroom without really worrying what other people think, hear or smell. Frankly anymore, I just don't care. My stomach feeling better and my need to poop outranks everyone else. Selfish? Maybe. But hey, it works for me.

Recently, I have come across this girl who has issues pooping in public restrooms if anyone else is in there. I am not talking a one stall facility either. I am talking about a multiple stall, nice facility where people come and go to do their business. She has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) but actually can stop herself from pooping if she tries to go and someone walks in the bathroom.

Now the problem isn't actually going in a public restroom which is another issue altogether. Those people just irritate the poop out of me and sadly, my daughter is one of them. Ironic, I know. But this girl doesn't mind going in a public restroom, she just doesn't want to poop while people are in there and she will wait in the stall until the coast is clear as too avoid the walk of shame out of the stall afterwards too.

I think this is a fear that a lot of people have. Some with bowel problems and some without. Is this a problem for you? Why is pooping so embarrassing? You have to poop - it's a natural process. Everyone poops. What's the big deal? Worried about the smell? It's a bathroom - it's supposed to smell. Worried about the noises? It's a bathroom - if the noises don't belong there, then where?

Okay, I'm off my soapbox now. Thoughts??


Kathryn said...

Hi Jeni,

I wrote about this a little while back. I am one of those poopers who has trouble going in public, which is really a sad state of affairs as I "go" in public daily. I think it's just a stigma society has associated with defication. Think of all the "bathroom humor" out there. We're made to be embarrassed.

I've often found myself in a restroom with another woman, and we engage in a "poop-off" of sorts; we're both waiting for the other one to go! So many times I've wanted to symbolically reach under that stall, take her hand, and say, let's do this together! Let's fart to the high heavens and laugh about all of this nonsense (however odd that sounds). But something stops me, and we both remain quiet, until one of us hurredly hikes up her skirt and finds another (vacant) restroom.

I agree it's sad, and I don't think guys have this hang-up. And maybe it's because women can be catty and cruel and we can be our own worst enemy. I've made poop noises in a public restroom and heard women washing their hands stop and pause, or even a pair of teenage girls make fun of me! They were nitwits, but I was still horrified.

But I guess it starts with one pooper. Today, I think I'll just go...no matter who is in there (okay, maybe not my boss). But anyone else, I swear! Hopefully, the other women at my work will be inspired!! (and not grossed out)



Lindsey said...

I used to have issues with it till I just decided to do it where I could and when I could. I wear pads because its hard to get to the bathroom. Also, looking like a teenage anorexia statistic doesn't help at all. I've had people spread rumors that I was bulimic and whatnot. I actually as cruel as it sounds hate people with eating disorders cause they do things to themselves that are just insane. I studied psych so I get it, but yeah.

I've had people make comments about smell. Or noise. I get a lot of trapped gas. But oh well now I say. Thats their issue, not mine. It's also gotten me out of a lot of my mean girl super bitch attitude I used to have. Nothing knocks you down a few pegs like pooping in public. I still feel bad when gas slips out. Ooops!