Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some things change...some thing stay the same

I am winding down my third week of nursing school. It's so cool learning about how we are all put together inside. Of course memorizing every little detail is not nearly as cool. The funny thing is that during my anatomy and physiology class ten minutes before our break I have to leave class to go to the bathroom - it's like clockwork. It's a total pain not being able to wait ten extra minutes so I don't make a scene leaving class but when I gotta go..... I panic every time we have to take a quiz or a test because you aren't allowed to leave during those times. I took my first test last Tuesday and had to hurry up and finish quickly because I had to poop. I was so mad because I wanted to take some extra time on my test but oh no, the bowels own me. I was pleased I got a B on that test. I was so mad when I found out I missed and A by less than 1 stupid point!

All in all it's fun and I am so excited because I have successfully learned how to take a blood pressure manually - like with a stethoscope and cuff - NOT a machine! I have always wondered how you do that! Everyone on the face of the earth probably already knows how to do that but I was so excited to learn anyway. It was way cooler to learn that instead of the 45 minute hand washing video I had to watch!

My stomach is doing okay most days I guess. It is a little angry sometimes but I think it's nerves still. I have had some "friends" come and go recently and it's a little upsetting when you find out people's true colors when you think you can trust them and then find out you can't. Maybe that is why I like to stay in my own little world usually - it hurts less. School is a nice distraction though. It keeps me focused on a real goal. And most of the restroom issues have kept themselves from school and only bothered me while I am at home - usually while I'm trying to sleep. But I'd rather be up at night than having issues during school :)

Really not much else is going on. No big plans for the weekend. Just studying like usual.

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catrina_lynn said...

Congrats on scoring a B on your test! I like reading your blog, my son is 3 and has bowel issues, so its interesting to read an adults perspective.

Hope nursing school goes well, something ive looked into but not been brave enough to do...look up Hirschsprung's Disease, its something i feel every medical professional should be educated little is known about it and my motto has become "awareness saves lives"...

Look forward to reading more posts!!!!!!