Friday, October 2, 2009

Nursing School Begins

Monday I start nursing school. I will be going four days a week all day for the first five weeks. On the sixth week I start five days a week with two days of clinicals where I actually get to deal with real live patients - real PEOPLE!!

I got all my books and I have to say first of all they are really heavy and second of all they have a lot of information I guess will all somehow get in my head soon. In 11 months (provided I pass my state boards) I will be an LPN. My plan is to work as an LPN and attempt getting my RN. I find medical information really intriguing and I have always studied up on different kinds of drugs and strange medical anomalies but I have never had to do it for a grade before. The good news is I am pretty sure I have the digestive system down! I wonder if I will get extra credit for knowing more than the teacher - haha! The good news is I get to wear scrubs and we all know how comfortable those are. :) Sweet!

I'll keep ya'll updated on how school goes. Hopefully my stomach stays pretty calm. It's been a little touchy for the last week or so but not as bad as is has been in the past. Hopefully it's just nerves.


Kathryn H. said...

Good luck, Jenni! All my best! :)

BrightSide said...

Good for you!! Good luck! It will be great to have another nurse out there who really knows what patients go through.

Ragamuffin said...

congratulations on the beginning of your venture! you will certainly be a unique member of the LPN and RN brigades. here's hoping that you'll enjoy it the whole way through, and that your tummeh doesn't clamor for attention the whole time :)