Monday, August 17, 2009

Why must my GI try to kill me?

I spent two days in the hospital last week. Forgive me for not having pictures...I really wanted one to put on here of my IV pole. It had six things hanging from in all entering my vein at the same time. I was impressed. Here's what happened:

The pancreas MRI that I had came back normal and showed that my pancreas has no tumors and or obvious abnormalities, but my GI felt that maybe it wasn't functioning properly and that is what is causing all this diarrhea I have been having. So he gave me some pancreatic enzymes to take and thinks that will do the trick. I also was given a new pill for my acid reflux (insurance change/copay/samples available/etc...)

I start taking the new acid pill Kapidex and the pancreatic enzymes. That night I was in the bathroom with massive MASSIVE diarrhea all night long. It would NOT stop. I was nauseated and totally wiped out, exhausted. The next couple days I didn't want to eat but when I did manage to eat something I took more of the pancreatic enzymes like I had been instructed. The diarrhea persisted. Finally I called Dr. GI and asked if the enzymes could be making me sick. "Oh no they don't do that. Just stop taking the Kapidex and the enzymes and then call me back in a few days if you don't feel better." Said stupid doctor.

I stopped both medicines and waited and felt better and better the more days that past. About three days later I started taking the Kapidex again. Nothing happened. I felt fine. I kept taking the Kapidex and kept feeling fine but still had the "normal" diarrhea of about 7-10 times a day. Other than that I was doing good.

Monday morning: Like an idiot I called the doctor to let him know I was doing basically okay. He was on vacation but gave the nurse instructions: Oh the smart, educated, highly degreed doctor thought it would be a great idea for me to start the enzymes again making the case that maybe I just had the stomach flu before. Okay sure, it made sense, I guess. No time to really think about it. The kid started school on Thursday, we didn't have a single uniform or school supply bought yet and had a big day planned starting with meeting my husband for his lunch at 10:30am (he goes to work at 6am...lunch sounds good to him that early) We met at Wendy's and I wasn't too hungry so I just got a little kids chicken sandwich and a small drink.  Ate lunch and took off with the kid and did some serious school shopping.

Monday 1:30pm - after four stops and a quick fill up at the gas station, we headed home. I sat down to take the tags off of some of the kid's new clothes and was preparing to hem up her pants (poor kid can't get pants to fit her...they are all a foot too long!!!) the nausea hit me. I took off for the bathroom. Long story short; the vomiting commenced and did not let up for two and a half hours. The diarrhea started shortly after the vomiting and I couldn't make heads or tails of what was spewing forth out of what end of my body. My hands went numb first, then my feet and eventually my legs from the knees down. I could barely open my eyes. I could hardly hold my head up and when my husband got home about 2:45 I was a mess on the floor of the bathroom.

Monday 4:30pm - I found myself in the bedroom laying on the bed rising only to vomit in the trashcan. Nothing was even coming up besides small traces of bile - and it burned. My stomach was killing me and I realized I wasn't able to move unless I had to throw up or barely get to the bathroom with diarrhea. It amazed me anything was even in my body to come out at this point. I literally wanted to die. I felt like I was.

Monday 5:15pm - I threw up again. It was bloody. The diarrhea came again. It was bloody too.  I needed an ambulance because I could not get to the car. Plus I was so weak I was pretty sure I was going to pass out. I couldn't focus my eyes and that was only when I could keep them open. Plus, I was bleeding out both ends. I was scared.


Monday 6:15pm - arrive in ER. I kept trying to talk but no words would seem to come out. I breathed in panting form. My arms were numb from my elbows down and my legs were still numb. I was freezing cold but sweating and my stomach was cramping super bad and when my eyes would open all I could see was spots. I thought I was going to die. I have never been so sick in my life.

Several bags of fluids, lots of phenergan and zofran, a bag of flagyl, a bag of levaquin, a few bags of nexium and some other kind of stomach medicine (I am not even sure the name of it) later and I was finally able to feel my extremities and carry on a conversation. No more vomiting but still plenty of diarrhea...just not bloody. And apparently my white blood cell count shot up to 27,000 (I'm told 9,000 is normal) and if you go into a hospital vomiting blood they tend to freak a little. Who knew? They ordered an EGD to make sure I didn't rupture my esophagus or have any bleeding ulcers. I didn't.

So I was stuck in the hospital living on ice chips (that never tasted so good!) at the mercy of stupid nurses who couldn't seem to keep my medication straight even though they have the new fangled computer system and all asked me the same questions forty two times every four hours! I was worried about the kid starting school. I was panicked that her pants needed hemmed. I just scored a great part time job cleaning our church and I wasn't able to get there to do it. Youth group was on Wednesday evening. People from my church flooded my husband's phone with calls and texts and many came to my room to pray for me. That was so awesome.

Long story short (I know, too late) I got out of the hospital very late on Wednesday night. The kid made it to school for her first day of 5th grade Thursday morning and her pants got hemmed (thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law). No one would say that it was the pancreatic enzymes that made me so sick but obviously that was what it was. All the doctors wanted to blame my Crohn's which isn't even active right now!!! Stupid Dr. GI was on vacation all last week so he was absolutely NO help whatsoever.

Monday - a week later - I am currently waiting on Dr. GI to call me back with a treatment plan that does not include my imminent death. Hopefully. Stay tuned.

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BrightSide said...

Wow Jenni,
I'm so glad you're ok and out of the hospital. From your previous blog post and then you sort of disappeared... I was starting to get a bit worried!

I'm sorry you're going through all these troubles. Your doctor sounds like a dufus. Who says your Crohn's isn't active? I'm no doctor but 7-10 bouts of diarrhea per day sure sounds active to me. It's only considered remission if you have no symptoms. Are you able to get a second (or third) opinion?

Hope you feel better soon!

~Bright Side