Saturday, August 29, 2009

End of Summer - Beginning of New Life

Well folks I have recently completed my last test to figure out why I am pooping upwards of 10 times a day or more. I had an enteroscopy of my entire small bowel. The doctor said the I "could be the poster child for a healthy small intestine." What does this mean? Well, they have checked my colon, my esophagus, my small intestines and everywhere in between inside and out, literally, and have found no Crohn's disease. Praise God!!
This still leave me wondering why I poop so much. The only thing I can figure is that the combination of my small intestine/colon resection, gall bladder removal and a ton of scar tissue might be the reason. Too much manipulation of the insides I guess. I really don't know and at this point I am so tired of being an guinea pig and getting no answers that I have decided to just live my life as best I can and get over how bad it sucks to poop so much. I totally gave up on my doctors. They honestly have no clue. Short of subjecting myself to some kind of freaky medical study I am destine to live this way - for now. Nothing helped - food elimination was an epic fail. I poop if I only have water!!! Drugs and more drugs - prescription or over the counter - were failures as well. So this is me - I poop a lot. Moving on...
Since the kid is back in school and I am totally bored on unemployment I am going back to school. I have decided to become a Licensed Practical Nurse. I figure I have spent so much time in hospitals and doctors' offices I might as well start earning a paycheck from it. I am hoping to start school in October but it may not be possible until January. So wish me luck on this new adventure. I probably won't post anything for a while until I have something exciting to talk about.
God bless!


BrightSide said...

Hi Jenni,

I'm glad to read that you're going to try to move on with life as best you can despite getting no answers about your symptoms. Starting school sounds exciting - the medical world will definitely benefit from a new nurse who knows first hand what suffering is like! I wish you the best of luck in your future!

~Bright Side

J~E~N~N~I said...

Hi Shawn,
Yes, I have taken Colestid and Questran. It's odd with me because when I take either one of these (obviously not together!) I get horrible gas pains by the end of the day. I have taken as small of an amount as one teaspoon a day. I still have the diarrhea and the gas pains are disabling. It's weird. I had a foot and a half of small bowel and the cecum removed in my colon. My doctor still thinks it's my pancreas at this point. Keep in touch and thanks for your advice. I really appreciate it!!