Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer so far...

I have been a busy girl lately. We traveled to Rockford, IL to watch my daughter and her Junior Bible Quiz team compete (and place 6th!!) in the National competition. It was really an awesome experience that I hope she gets the chance to repeat at least once more in her next three years of JBQ. The trip for me was a little more nerve wracking than just cheering for the team though. I can't even begin to count the number of different public restrooms I had to visit along the way and while we were there. I literally lost count after 16 different places and that didn't include the places I visited more than once like at the hotel and the church and restaurants. We were only gone for five days. I think I made a personal record. But I still had a great time and would totally do it all over again!!

Here's my girl being silly and a few of her teammates!

We stopped in Chicago along the way and found ourselves trapped in dead stop traffic a couple times. This is a scary situation for someone who has restroom issues. We tried to make a 20 minute drive and got stuck on the highway for almost an hour (with our Pastor, his family, in his van and NO ERPK!!) with wall to wall cars and no where to get to quickly even if we could've made it off the road! I made it through but only by the grace of God! We did manage to visit the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago which was really neat...even if it was pouring down rain. The kids really seemed to enjoy it and who can resist the cute little monkeys?? We made it home with little complications and I am happy to say I am back in the comforts of my own home and bathroom. That is a great feeling. Maybe it's just me.

So it's summer and my daughter is off school, I'm still not working and we are STILL waiting on those insurance cards! The kid and I are having lots of fun just hanging out. Plus with my new found joblessness I am able to concentrate on our youth group events and services more. That and the new chinchillas our youth group has. I'm not quite sure how that happened really but the two baby brothers, "Shenanigans" and "Sir Walter Edmund", have made their arrival and will be meeting the youth group this evening. My crazy world just got a little crazier!!! The really funny part though is I think I have discovered my animal match. A chinchilla poops A LOT because when they eat they cannot digest all of their food and they have the inability to "hold it" to go when it's convenient so they just poop all the time. Kinda like me!

Shenanigans and Sir Walter Edmund

I've been keeping busy. I've still been going to the bathroom A LOT and don't really know why. I guess I have to wait for the insurance cards before I can do anything else. Good thing I have lots of things to keep me entertained. Can't wait to see what the rest of the summer has in store for me.

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