Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I'm still alive...really

I'm still alive. It's true. I have just been busier now that I am unemployed that I was when I was employed. I have painted the men's and women's restrooms at church, watched one of our youth kids graduate high school, done some serious work with my daughter for her upcoming Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) National competition and worked around the house a lot. I've done this all while still living with some chronic pain and many, many restroom visits a day. I am living my life regardless of the limitations put on my by whatever it is that is causing me problems. Here's the latest....

I do not have active Crohn's right now. Praise God! I am OFF the steroids. However, my 72 hour stool sample came back abnormal and my fat malabsorbtion and stool weight was almost four times the normal. I am supposed to get an MRI of my pancreatic duct for fear there is damage which is causing the malabsorbtion. I cannot do that until we get the new insurance cards. UGH! Insurance companies!!!

Since I got laid off the health insurance I carried stopped. We switched to Jay's insurance but have yet to receive the cards to show proof of coverage. We cannot get prescriptions without this card - well we can but we have to pay full price. I am supposed to get this new medicine for the possible pancreas problems however it cost almost $400 without insurance!!! I think I will wait. We also cannot go to the doctor without paying full price up front. Which is causing me to put off actually meeting with Dr. GI to go over everything that has been and still needs to be done. But I am trying to wait patiently. This is not easty for me. Other than going to the bathroom a lot and some mild pain I am actually doing okay. Really.

We are preparing to go on a MAJOR roadtrip this week. We are driving 7 hours to Rockford, Illinois for my daughter's JBQ National competition. I'm looking forward to this very much accept for the car ride. That long is a car is really intimidating. But I'll make it. By the grace of God I will make it.

Stay tuned. Hopefully we will get our insurance cards soon and I will be able to get this new medication and MRI and know more about what is possibly going on.

Until then, God bless!!

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BrightSide said...

Hi Jenni!

Glad to hear that you're keeping busy with lots of stuff to do. That always helps. How did your kickstart of your workout plan go? You didn't reply to my email? Was it hard? Are you still doing the food journal & elimination diet?

Hang in there!

~Bright Side