Friday, May 15, 2009

Let's add more problems!

I am convinced that Dr. GI is trying to kill me. Since I had all that blood work and stool tests done I have been anxiously awaiting the results. We are still waiting for most of the results but I did get a call and was told one of my blood tests came back kinda funky. Kinda funky as in 3 times higher than normal level. It was the test for gastrin. Apparently since I take Prevacid twice a day for acid reflux this can cause the gastrin level to appear high. I was instructed to stop taking my Prevacid for three days and have the blood redrawn on Monday morning so they can get a more accurate reading. A few thoughts on this that I would love to express to Dr. GI...

1. Could you not thought of this BEFORE I had the original bloodwork drawn?
2. I am on this medicine for a reason - I need it! If I miss two doses of it my throat burns like a furnace. Three days without it is going to be torture!
3. Am I not uncomfortable enough with the stomach pain, runs to the bathroom and general fatigue that you have to add a burning throat and chest pains??
4. The research I have done says that if you have high gastrin levels you more than likely have a peptic ulcer. (Which I do not have) and the treatment is a proton pump inhibitor such as PREVACID!!! What the.....?

So my weekend should be fun. My throat is already burning like fire. If these tests don't expose whatever my problem is I don't know what I am going to. I am so frustrated right now I can't even see straight!

GOOD NEWS: TODAY IS MY LAST OFFICIAL DAY OF PREDNISONE. I took my last 1mg dose this morning. I am done!! WOOT WOOT!!!

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BrightSide said...

Contratz on being done the evil Prednisone!! Yay! Cheer! Hoorah!! :)

I find it curious that you struggle with acid reflux. Curious because I also struggled for years and years with a burning stomach feeling. It never refluxed into my throat, but it would feel like fire in my stomach. This would get worse depending on food or stress. But I was taking Tums and Zantac for it back when I thought I only had IBS and a stress problem.

A Bright Side of my Crohn's flare up landing me in the hospital is that once I was put through a short bout of Prednisone and now that I'm on Salofalk (5ASA) I no longer get the burning acid stomach anymore. Beyond the relief of the pain of it- it also drove me to never allow my stomach to be empty because hunger pains for me were a burning furnace of gnawing horror. So I always had to have 'emergency' cookies or crackers in my purse. Since my new drug regimine though, I have not had to take any ant-acids for many months! And I have normal hunger feelings which is a blessing.

I wonder if your doctor has plans for a new "maintenance" medication for you now that you're off Prednisone? Maybe a 5ASA or one of the other maintenance drugs for Crohns.

I wonder how many other Crohnies suffer with acid reflux/acid stomach issues. I should try to put a poll on my blog. I'm getting curious about a lot of patterns I see.

*hug* Even though it's frustrating- I'm glad your doctor is being proactive and taking an interested in finding out what's wrong. :)