Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'm sorry, we have to let you go...

Those fateful words have been flying around the company where I work for the last month or so. They were spoken to me last Friday. Due to lack of work and the struggling economy I was laid off with a possible return to work date of MAYBE September. This is not a fun position to be in.

I have a pretty good outlook considering. I was assured they definitely want me back. Aside from the daily cussing and rude "guy" behavior I had to endure I really did like my job. I guess I didn't even realize that until it was taken away from me. Now I kind of feel a little lost. It wasn't even totally unexpected either. I just wasn't really expecting it to happen last Friday. I still feel like I have so much undone and I am sad that I had to leave my friends. I also feel bad for leaving a bunch of work on my desk but that is what I was told to do. Sometimes being responsible is a curse.

One thing Jay and I have resolved not to do is stop giving to the church. So many people cut out their offering first thing when times get tough. We actually want to increase ours as much as we can. We know God will provide for us if we are faithful to Him. He led me to the job I had and He will lead me back or lead me somewhere else. That I am sure of. For now I am going to try and accomplish as much as I can between now and then and enjoy my time at home.

I'm feeling okay. I survived the no Prevacid weekend with little fanfare. My throat was burning and my chest hurt all weekend. I had the blood test done on Monday morning and am happily back on the medicine and lo and behold the burning and pain has stopped. My stomach had been pretty calm over the weekend but now last night I was up about three times and so far this morning I have become best friends with the toilet again. Not sure what's up. Maybe a side effect from Prevacid. Who knows.

Stay tuned. I may have some dog humor for you since I will be home with the four of them all day now. Here's a picture of our Ginger sleeping peacefully this morning. She is such a little lady isn't she...


BrightSide said...

Aww- Jenni I'm so sorry to hear that news! I'm sure that it will open a new and better door for you. Maybe the time to relax and focus on your health will be beneficial?

PS- see if the company will make you a letter of recommendation. A good thing to have available to you if you need to look elsewhere.

~Bright side.

Kathryn Hopkins said...

Hi Jenni,

All my best - maybe you can watch some Day of our Lives for me and keep me updated (just joking).

I hope you enjoy the downtime, and have a great summer in the meantime.

Your dog is super cute!


Belinda said...

Hi Jenni
I'm a fellow Crohnie all the way from South Africa.
About a year ago I was also 'let go'. As a result I stressed myself into a state and landed up in hospital with a flare. Since then I've learnt to manage my stress levels more and haven't been in the hospital since.
I wish you all the calmness & inner peace you need. Stay strong! :)

Hua said...

Hi Jenni,

So sorry to hear you got laid off. I hope you find something soon.

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