Wednesday, April 29, 2009

This is a test, this is only a test

This has to be a test...only a test. I pride myself on trying to be a woman of great faith. The knowledge that the Lord God has a plan and a certain will for my life (of which I usually know nothing about) has gotten me through some very hard times. But I am convinced that He is testing me right now. Why, I don't know. For how long, I don't know that either. But this has to be a test.

My biopsies for microscopic colitis have come back and they are negative. I do not have microscopic colitis. I do not have anything. Not that I want there to be something wrong with me but I would like reason for why I have found myself sitting in the bathroom with horrible diarrhea at least 10 times a day for the last several weeks. Something has to be causing it.

I'm working with Brightside and hopefully she will hook me up with some good information on how to start eliminating certain foods from my diet to see if there is anything that I am possibly reacting to. We know for sure it's not Celiac disease...I tested negative for that in October last year. We know I am not lactose intolerant "officially" but that doesn't mean food isn't somehow causing me problems.

I will pray through this and will eventually get my thoughts back to a more positive outlook but for right now I am really mad. I don't like this test - mainly because I don't know the answers.


BrightSide said...

Glad I can help!

Yeah, I'm not lactose intolerant either, however, dairy still does bad, bad things...

BrightSide said...

You know... take this for what it's worth, but I think it would be kind of depressing, for me, to think that my Crohn's was actually given to me as a test from God. That's not a very nice test. God's pretty busy, maybe it's not Him, maybe it just is.

They say God is loving, so I don't think he would use misery to test you, but would rather observe how you live your life day to day.

If God gave you anything, He gave you your wonderful family to help you through this.


Jenny said...

I'm so glad you are going to start eliminating foods, I firmly believe that this will lead you to a solution. A negative Celiac test is not always accurate, and can show up later as positive. Also it could be a delayed onset food allergy, milk (lactose and casein are not the same thing!) or gluten or any number of other things. I cut out all dairy this month and it's changed my life. I wish you the best!!!! I hope you find answers very soon!