Thursday, April 16, 2009

Status update

I am finally down on 5 mg of Prednisone but it's not going so well. I have been going to the bathroom upwards of 10 times a day and also throughout the night for about four days now. Not sleeping because you are up with diarrhea and then having to work full time AND be somewhat cheerful and pleasant to be around is not easy. Throw in having to teach a roomful of teenagers about God in the middle of the week for an hour and a half and you have the makings for one exhausted ME!

My husband thinks I need to call the doctor and go back up on the Pred. I think he needs to shut his piehole! [ ;) wink! ] I am NOT going back up - NO WAY - NO HOW! Not happening! I think I would rather poop my brains out first. Even though I am tired and in pain still in my back and hips my spirits are rather high which is surprising since 4-13-09 has come and gone and left me with this strange empty and unsatisfied feeling inside. Sorry, I couldn't resist throwing that out there. See, I can still find the humor to all of this.

I know this is just one of the many phases of what my body does during the taper down process of steroids. It takes a few weeks for my body to kick in and realize that it needs to make the cortisone itself and not rely on the pill form anymore - or as much of the pill form as before. So I am going to wait it out and see what happens. Chicken soup and cracker, yogurt and water are my friends. So are mashed potatoes. These are easy, soft foods that my body tolerates well. Now if I can just stop eating all the other stuff it doesn't tolerate I would probably be doing a heck of a lot better than I am. I blame the Prednisone and it's evil ways for making me want to consume sugary goodness and deep fried fat!

My back and hips are still really hurting. Much more in the morning when I wake up and later at night after the long days of sitting at work than during the course of the day. I bought a heating pad for at work so I don't have to tote mine from home back and forth anymore. I haven't taken anything for the pain since I know Ultram doesn't help and Tylenol is pretty much a joke at this point. I don't really want anything stronger because it will just dope me up while I am at work and I don't need any more reason to fall asleep at my desk. I am actually thinking of starting up with my stretch and flex routine I used to do a while back. Hopefully that will at least help a little bit. It can't hurt anything, that's for sure.

Other than my back and hips my stomach pain is at a minimum. I have some pretty intense pain every now and then but I think it is mainly from scar tissue moving around and using muscles I don't normally use because of constantly going to the bathroom lately. That's what I am telling myself anyway. I know my limits and I know when it's time to see the doctor. I don't officially go back until May 4th to see Dr. GI so I think I can make it to then. And in the meantime I am getting a lot of great pictures of my shoes in many different bathrooms. I'm thinking of having the picture of the week just for entertainment purposes. What do you think?

That's all for now. :)

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