Monday, April 13, 2009

The Ortho-PATHETIC doctor visit

I am getting pretty tired of wasting my time and money on doctors who are idiots. After the hip and back Xray scare which led me into an MRI of my hips which led me to being referred to an orthopedic doctor I finally know what is causing my pain - and there isn't a darn thing anyone can do (or wants to do) about it. Here is what I learned:

I have pain in my lower back and hips. - Wow! Dude went to medical school obviously!

It hurts when he pushes on it. - Seriously?

I needed yet another Xray because I am not radioactive enough apparently and it came back...hmmm, NORMAL as usual.

I can't take any kind of Ibuprofen for pain because I am on prednisone. - Really? DUH!

I can take Tylenol for pain. Are you kidding me?? 100mg of Ultram isn't touching the pain!

I have something called SI and he told me to Google it!!!

Follow up in 6 months unless my pain gets really bad and then I can get an injection of steroids. Wait a minute - aren't I already on steroids??

Yeah, I paid for this information!!!

Bottom line I have something called Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction and I only know this because I took his advice and Googled it. Thanks, Doc. Again, I must state - the people who graduate last in medical school are still called "Doctor". I unfortunately seem to find every stinkin' one of them!


BrightSide said...

He told you to "Google It" instead of explaining it to you himself!?!? Holy crap. I didn't realize the Internet was replacing doctors now.

Time to go to and warn people about this guy. Then, get a different doc. *sigh* that's bs.

1oldman said...

i can't imagine anything about you being dysfunctional :)

this doctor is obviously a twilight fan!

BrightSide said...

Hey Jenni,

I don't have your email to bring you in on planning the Crohn's chat. You can email me at (brightsideblogger at gmail) if you're interested.

(I keep all email addresses private and don't publish them!)

~Bright Side