Sunday, March 29, 2009

The weekend news

My restful weekend was a success. I did nothing really but downloaded a ton of music onto my MP3 player and texted with some friends. Oh, and my daughter became STATE CHAMPION for Junior Bible Quiz!!! She is an awesome little person!! And I became an aunt again sis had her baby girl this morning. Her name is Lauren - the baby - not my sister. This is my 8th niece and she joins my 8 nephews. (Not all from the same sister though-I'm not related to the Dugger Family) So see, I was busier that it appeared.

My back and my hips are aching really bad and have been all weekend. I can't get comfortable. My bones ache so bad. I had my back and hip Xrays last Thursday and my Dexiscan is tomorrow. I am not sure that they will show anything but I sure do hurt. My thinking is that the pain is due to my already known arthritis and the continued Prednisone. I've been taking it now for the last five months and that's a long time to be on steroids. But that's the story of a Crohn's patient I guess.

My stomach has been okay lately. Just a little gassy and unsettled feeling. I've actually not been going to the bathroom as much. That's a good thing. I will post the results of my Xrays soon.

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BrightSide said...

I just listened to an audio cast about Crohn's treatments. They were mentioning Budesonide as an alternative steroid with fewer side effects than evil Prednisone.

Oh and I congrats to your daughter!