Thursday, March 19, 2009

So much for my goal...

I don't think I am going to reach my goal of being steroid free by May. Maybe, but it's really unlikely.

Dr. GI was NOT on time...I waited for over an hour just to get in the actual room to wait some more. I have the play by play on my Facebook page via Twitter!

Going against my original plan to lie through my teeth and tell him I was doing great just to get off the steroids, I was completely honest with him. I told him how I was going to the bathroom about 7 to 10 times a day and sometimes getting up in the middle of the night to go. I also told him about my stomach pain and the severe pain I am having in my back and right hip.

Well after discussing all the options, none of which were anything I care to even thing about, we decided to proceed with a few X-rays of my back and hip, a dexascan to check my bone density. I am already at a high risk for osteoporosis due to family history and now with the steroid use it only makes the situation worse. So off to X-ray I will go some time next week. I'm pretty sure with all these X-rays I am going to be radioactive by the time I'm 35!

I am also starting yet another course of Flagyl just in case the increase in diarrhea is from an intestinal bacteria of some sort. It's not but whatever. After all of that I have another visit with Dr. GI and reassess how I am doing. Hopefully by then I will be better. I at least hope the pain in my back and hip is better by then.

So I am supposed to stay on 10mg of Prednisone. I'm bummed! I need way more rest and less running around. Didn't I say that two weeks ago??? If I don't get off this drug soon I am going to have to choke someone out...plain and simple! It's going to happen. Wait, if I write it down does that make it premeditated? I sure hope not. Blogs can't be used against you in a court of law can they. Hmmmm.

What have we learned today? The truth may set us free, but it will not get us any closer to getting off the steroids!



BrightSide said...

Hi! I'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling well. That many trips to the washroom is just awful. Do you mind if I have a naggy/motherly moment?

Are you keeping a food journal? Have you found what foods bother your system? This is what helped me almost get rid of the big D.

Also, are you taking calcium and vitamin D supplements? If you can't drink milk you should also get a calcium fortified beverage of some kind like rice milk, soy milk or oat milk.

Just looking out for you!


J~E~N~N~I said...

Thanks Brightside -
It is nice to be "mommed" sometimes. I know it means you care. I am not lactose intolerant and I drink a lot of milk and and eat dairy but I should be taking a multivitamin and I don't. I need to fix that. Food journal - great idea. Maybe it IS the milk after all!!!