Monday, February 2, 2009


I had to drink this. All of this. All 1,350 ML of this wonderful concoction. In thirty minutes or less. GAG! I don't know the CT results yet but I'll post them as soon as I get them.

The funniest thing about this little adventure was not the two ladies "helping" me. One said I needed to drink one of these bottles of prep every 10 minutes. I was almost done with my second bottle when the second lady came in and checked on me. I told her I was about to throw up and she informed me I could take my time and pace myself. I thanked her and took a deep breath and no sooner did I exhale when lady number one came back in and asked how I was because "you need to drink a whole bottle of that every ten minutes!!!" Really lady? I don't drink 1,350 ML of anything ALL DAY and you expect me to drink all this in a half hour??!! Of course I didn't actually say that. I smiled and said I was doing my best. But inside know I was really yelling at her!!

The funniest part was when I was almost done with the test and realized that the prep was ready to make it's exit. I prayed and prayed I would get through the test and I did - thank God. I spent the next fifteen minutes in the bathroom letting them have their wonderful solution of watered down barium back. But no sooner did I make it out to the parking lot then I had to go again. And it wasn't what you might think. Yes, this stuff did have a laxative effect on me but I just really had to pee! Instead of going back into the doctor's office I got in the car and drove about 9 miles and found a restaurant. I knew I had to make it another 20 minutes until I could go again (I had to drive the highway) but I did it. Barely. I got to work and parked the car and had to pee again so bad I came running in the front door with this pained expression on my face. Our receptionist looked at me funny and I just headed straight for the bathroom yelling "I gotta pee!!!" Once I was comfortable again I actually realized there could have been a customer or something in the lobby to hear my announcement. There wasn't though. But that would have been funny. Sorta. Okay, not really. Well, yea, kinda!

Note to self - the next time I have to drink this stuff get a driver and bring the ERPK!


BrightSide said...

Ug! I hate that stuff! It's so HEAVY! Like paint. Blek!

J~E~N~N~I said...

This was not so heavy like normal barium. Think the consistency of jello before it's chilled. And way grosser! You know....