Monday, February 16, 2009

WOOT WOOT!!!! Down to 10mg!

I was supposed to see Dr. GI tomorrow but I called my nurse to reschedule and asked if I could just go down on my Prednisone and just see him at a different time. I got the call and he said that would be fine. I don’t have to see him until March and can start the tapering down process. WHOO-HOOO!!!

I am looking forward to being off Prednisone altogether by no later than May. That's my goal. That will be so awesome I can’t hardly wait! But how am I feeling? I am feeling okay. I am not having horrendous pain like I was. I still have my days where I am stricken with pain but it apparently is not from active Crohn’s which to me means there is no logical reason to be on steroids. Also, my days in between pain are increasing. I went three whole symptom free days last week -- in a row. Can’t beat that with a stick! I’m also only going to the bathroom about 3-4 times a day and that is really good for me. Really, really good.

So I will continue to go to work, do the mom and wife thing at home, prepare some awesome teaching for our youth group at church and praise God for giving me a reprieve of symptoms for a while. I find that the more I give to God the easier this path becomes. I am seeing a bright light at the end of this really long tunnel and it gets closer and closer every day. That bright light is my life steroid free. This may not seem like a huge deal to most people but for me, this is a very huge deal. Not only for the escape from the side effects but to know that Crohn’s doesn’t have that hold over me anymore. Knowing that once again, I won and not the disease. I thank God for that!


BrightSide said...

*hug and high-five* !!!

1oldman said...

3-4 X's a day?? dude, i go more than that!!!

i therefore second your WOOT WOOT!!!!!