Friday, February 20, 2009

Things that only happen to me

I work with a lady who does hair styling (cutting, coloring, etc) on the side. She offered to fix my botched hair cut and color for me. Did I forget to mention I colored my hair and it turned orange?? Silly me... Anyway she made my hair look so awesome I am ashamed of myself for not thinking of her in the first place when I wanted to change my look.

She used this product in my hair that was amazing and I asked if she wouldn't mind getting some for me. She did and when I got it today I opened it up and instinctively smelled the product. It had an unmistakable smell to it but it took me a moment to figure out just exactly what it was. Then it came to me - BARIUM! It smells exactly like the barium you drink for X-rays!!

Only I would end up with a hair product that smells like something I have drank gallons of to light up my insides. Of course everyone else thinks I am crazy because how could I possibly be able to identify that smell? A few people think the slight fruity smell of the hair product makes it smell so good they want to "eat it". Honestly, it is actually turning my stomach a little bit just thinking about it. IF they only knew what we Crohnies go through with our barium...

Barium - good to X-ray your guts and good for your hair too! Who knew??

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Jenny said...

Because barium actually doesn't smell bad, but we know how awful it tastes!!! Ugh that stuff is the worst.