Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nothing...but something.

I talked to a lady (not my regular nurse) at Dr. GI's office today and she informed me that the CT scan I had came back completely negative which means normal which means I have nothing wrong with me which means there should be no physical reason I am having such pain and problems with my stomach. Are you convinced? Me either.

Dr. GI is out of the office this week so I can't talk to him until next week. I asked the lady if there was any way I could get a copy of the scan and she said no. They only have the written report and they don't see the films, they get sent somewhere else. I personally believe this is a bunch of LIES and she just doesn't want to give me the films so I will again ask Dr. GI when I see him.

I am please that there is nothing wrong with me. I am very pleased I have no growths, strictures, blockages, or major active Crohn's going on. I am however really frustrated that there is nothing wrong with me. I feel like a crazy person trying to convince a doctor (and all the people involved with doing these tests on me) that I have a problem when I really don't. Because apparently I don't or they would have found something. There is no other way that they can possibly exam my insides without cutting me open and that is NOT going to happen my friends. I also am a little jacked I had to drink all that stuff to find out, well, nothing.

You know, after reading several other Crohn's blogs and visiting some forums I have come to realize that I have life a lot better off than some people with this disease. For example, I can basically eat what I want. I am not underweight at all. I am able to function and work more often than not. My pain isn't bad enough for me to be hospitalized and I can usually work through it. I have a lot of support from my husband and family and my boss is extremely understanding when I need to take off work for appointments and tests - usually. I also have an amazing church family who are constantly praying for me and my recovery and healing. They support me ALL the time. So yea, it could be way worse and that is something! I think I will stop complaining and praise God in this storm.


Jenny said...

Have you had any food intolerance testing done? Elisa, Alcat, anything like that?

J~E~N~N~I said...

Hi Jenny,
I did have testing for Celiac done in October last year. It came up negative. I stay away from spicy foods and fiberous foods too. I don't eat a lot of raw fruits and veggies so I guess I do limit my intake some. Maybe I should consider more in depth testing.

BrightSide said...

Great attitude! *hug*

Jenny said...

Celiac testing often shows a false negative, having a more in depth food intolerance test might be beneficial! Glad to hear you're doing better in your recent post :)

J~E~N~N~I said...

Hey Jenny,
I had a small bowel biopsy. I thought that was the best and most accurate test for Celiac. Is there another one(s) that are more accurate? Thanks for the info!!!