Sunday, February 8, 2009

I hate prednisone and everything it stands for

I'm still on 15 mg of prednisone. I feel like I will be on this dreaded drug for the rest of my life. I didn't have too many weight side effects when I was on the higher doses and that was great. It isn't until I have been on it for a while - even at a lower dose that the drug does it's best work on me. I have succeeded to gain every bit of weight that I had lost plus some. This plays on my self confidence because of my appearance.

I tend to do things when these side effects start effecting me this way in order to help boost my self esteem. I usually start with wearing a tad more make up and getting a new hair style. Friday was the day for the new haircut. I had a little miscommunication with the stylist and my hair is so short now I think my husband's hair is longer than mine.

The whole idea was to get a style that down played my new found prednisone induced moon face and double chin. I thought my explaining this to the stylist and deliberately pointing it out and informing her of the medicine I am on that caused it was enough. I also figured she understood me when she told me her asthmatic daughter takes the dreaded pred as well. Apparently she didn't get it. I have NO HAIR to hide my face. My hair has never been this short in my entire life. I am pretty embarrassed about my hair but I keep telling myself it will grow back. I also keep telling myself if I don't make a big deal about it no one else will. (So I put a blog on the internet...brilliant!)

The more upset I am getting about my hair the hungrier I get and the more I want to eat. I will be so glad to be off this prednisone and resume my normal life. I hope it's soon. Probably won't be though, I am still having stomach pain - especially in that upper right quadrant area. I am concerned it might be my liver but all my blood work comes back normal. I don't know at this point. I guess I wait until I see Dr. GI on the 17th and he will know what to do. Meanwhile, I will try to find a nice wig.

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Jonathan Ace said...

I'm in the same boat as you. I'm taking prednisone for CKD. I'm on week 5 or 6 of 60mg a day. Double chin be damned! :(