Tuesday, January 13, 2009

X-ray Hilarity

I saw Dr. GI yesterday afternoon and only had to wait an hour this time! It’s getting shorter…. He thinks with my recent pain and agony I may have a partial bowel obstruction due to adhesions. He sent me for an X-ray which was conveniently located on my way home. I got to the radiology place and they toke me back and told me I had to “take everything off and put on this gown” – standard drill, no biggie. Until I slipped my shoes off and realized that I was wearing navy blue socks AND had a huge hole in the toe. Hmmmm, that’s awkward. How was I going to walk out there with my big toe sticking out of my sock. It was bad enough that I had on dark socks but couple that with the hole and contrast them against my pasty white legs and the beautiful hospital gown I was wearing. I must say that I put every 80+ year old man you see walking around a hospital to shame! I decided to slip my shoes back on and go for the “completely ridiculous” look. I mean really, why go half way, right?

As I walked out I suddenly realized one more very embarrassing detail – I hadn’t shaved my legs in nearly two weeks and they looked very scaly and dry. I almost made a quick joke to the radiologists but she seemed more concerned about taking good X-rays than what I looked like or what I had to say so I refrained. Whatever – when did the world stop revolving around me anyway???

I will get the results in a couple days unless I am in really bad shape and then they will call the doctor immediately. I seriously doubt that is the case. The X-ray will probably come back completely normal. Meanwhile I am still on 15 mg of Prednisone until further notice. Joy!

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Andy said...

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