Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Now what?

My EGD yesterday showed nothing. No Crohn's in my upper digestive tract, no ulcers, no infections, no anything. Dr. GI has no idea what is causing my pain. He wants me to have this certain kind of CT scan of my small intestines done - similar to a virtual colonoscopy only for your small bowel. I'm told all I need to do is show up and lay there. It supposed to be non invasive and there is no prep. I don't know, sounds a little too easy too me.

I am unsatisfied with these results because I have been feeling so poorly for a while now. I am in pain. I know I am in pain and I know I am not making it up. It drives me nuts when they can't figure out why I am in pain. It makes me feel like I am some nutcase! I don't want there to be anything wrong, mind you, I just want to know what is wrong. And something is definitely wrong. Dr. GI said it could all boil down to adhesions from prior surgeries. They can't do much about that so I have to figure out how to just live with it. This leaves me wondering why life has to be so hard sometimes?

I am supposed to have the CT scan done next week. It probably won't show anything either. I am finding it increasingly hard to find the happiness in this storm right now. It's snowing out and it's beautiful and I want to go out and play with my daughter but I am so tired and my stomach hurts pretty bad. No play time for me.

Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.


BrightSide said...

Hi Jenni!

Are you getting proper treatment for pain management? I believe your doc can refer you to a chronic pain specialist who can suggest a large variety of therapies for pain, from medication to diet, specific exercises, homoeopathic treatments like massage, aroma therapy, acupuncture/pressure and herbal remedies. Even simple things like heating pads. Etc, etc.

When it comes to pain, I know there are more options than just "putting up with it". Ask your doc and maybe see if there are any homeopathic practitioners in your area.

*hugs* Hope you get some answers soon!

~Bright Side

1oldman said...

dude, i totally think that you should go for the accupunture!!!!! not just because i giggle when i think about a jenni voodoo doll, but because it actually helped my cousin with his chronic pain.