Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mono - are you kidding?!!?

For the past couple days along with everything else going on with me I have been ignoring a nagging sore throat. I was hoping it would just go away on it's own but when I woke up this morning it hurt really bad and I could hardly swallow. I got the flashlight and looked at my throat in the mirror. I saw some pretty gross white "things" on my throat. I immediately thought strep throat. I called the doctor and couldn't get in until 11:20 this morning. (Good thing it wasn't Dr. GI or I would have had to wait 2 more hours just to be seen - tee hee!)

After the doc checked me over and they did the ever so fun yet disturbingly gagging strep test it was confirmed that I do not have strep throat. What then is wrong with me you ask - my doctor thinks I have flipping MONO! She said with my lowered immune system because of the prednisone I am more susceptible to these kinds of things. I knew that but I still didn't think I'd ever get mono of all things. I thought maybe a sinus infection or strep throat but mono? Come on! She took some blood and needs to confirm the diagnosis but regardless I am off work all day today and all day tomorrow. I hope to go back Friday.

I was also supposed to go with our youth group to the big youth convention this weekend but I had to change those plans because my brother in law (who lives 3 1/2 hours away) is not doing so well. He has Glioblastoma Multiforme - a fatal brain tumor. We aren't sure how much longer he has so in lieu of going to the youth convention I was going to leave tomorrow night and spend the weekend with my family. Can't do that now that I might be super contagious. I really wanted to go spend some time with my family and I am so bummed I can't go now!

Now my weekend is going to consist of working on Friday and coming home to an empty house and spending all of Friday night and Saturday alone. My daughter is spending the weekend with a friend and my husband is traveling with the youth to the convention. My mom and dad are with my sister and brother in law out of town and so it's me and the dogs....OH WAIT A SECOND.... this might not be so bad. I will have the Wii AND the computer all to myself! I can watch what I want to watch on TV and not have to cook anything! SWEET! This could be a rather peaceful weekend.

Look forward to some more blogging this weekend.

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