Thursday, January 29, 2009


I do not particularly care for the expression "LOL" mostly because it is over used so much. I see it in e mails and on blogs. This "laughing out loud" expression is everywhere. So I like to avoid it. I have actually used "HaHa" instead just to not use "LOL". Until today. I have formed a relationship with the ever famous "LOL" and have decided to use the heck out of it.

Everything I want to say but know I shouldn't can all be summed up with a simple three letter non-word...LOL.

My stomach is killing me. My reflux is acting up because I still have an unsettled pharmacy/insurance issue with my prescription (that's a whole other post), and I am tired and cranky. But alas, my only comment... LOL! It's the new and improved "whatever".

I have to go have this weird CT scan on Monday and from what I gather I get to drink a bunch of radioactive solution that should be mighty tasty. You know what I think? LOL!

My husband keeps texting me to see what I want to do tonight and what I want for dinner. My only response has guessed it: LOL!

It's so easy to just say that instead of all the other stuff I want to say. It also is summing up my mood quiet nicely. I am on a wicked Prednisone bender right now and my mood is changing by the hour. The longer I am on the steroids the longer it is going to take to get me off of them and I am feeling a little depressed about it. But for some reason I am also finding it increasingly necessary to go outside and dive into a big pile of snow and make a snow angel. But I am at work so I must restrain myself. Maybe it's the hot flashes. Or maybe I'm just crazy. Or maybe it's because I am just LOLing a little too much right now.



Eric Smith said...

what I love is that depending on capitalization and punctuation - 'LOL' can mean different things, for example:

lol - just a small chuckle
LOL - bigger laugh
LOL!! - even bigger laugh
(increases exponentially
with each added
exclamation point)
lol? - is this funny, should I be

lol@ - actually laughing AT someone

J~E~N~N~I said...


BrightSide said...

I've never liked it either. I prefer to use: *laughs*.