Thursday, January 22, 2009

Deep breath

We are back and though it was one of the more difficult things I have ever had to do, my brother in law's funeral is over and I guess this is where my life is supposed to go back to normal. I must say, I will forever be changed by the events of the last several weeks. I've learned much and grown spiritually and will always admire the legacy that my brother in law left for not only his children but for everyone who knew him. I'm glad he is in heaven now - happy and healthy. I didn't say good-bye - I just said I'd see him later. And I will. And we will share a huge bowl of potato salad! (family joke)

The trip down was okay - only had to make a few stops but was able to make it to a restroom in plenty of time. Stomach pain was minimal. My stomach decided to make it's presence know during the prayer at the viewing when everything got quiet. That was pretty awkward. I didn't know if I should get up and excuse myself or if that would make more of a scene. So I just sat and hoped no one heard the deep gurgling coming from within me.

The funeral precession, however was a whole different matter. We were in Kentucky- the hills of Kentucky. It was a 45 minute drive from the funeral home to the cemetery. My stomach started hurting before we even got to the funeral home so I knew I was going to be in trouble. When we finally got to the cemetery I was in quite a bit of pain. I quietly sad down next to my mom, behind my sister. Other people, most of whom I didn't know, were crowded around. It was again quiet as the Pastor read a letter to the Philippian church. Enter horrible bowel sounds here. As loud as you can imagine. And they didn't stop after a few. I felt so bad and could only hope that no one noticed, but I am sure they did.

We left the cemetery and started to head back to the church for food but we were given incorrect directions that left us out in the mountains of Kentucky completely lost with no cell phone coverage and a GPS with no signal. It was me and my husband, our car and the ERPK. It was looking like I was going to have to use it. I was not happy. Mind you it was about 14 degrees outside. The baby wipes that had been in the ERPK in the car were completely frozen solid. The road we were on just kept going and going and there was nothing. No people, no shops, no businesses, a few houses, lots of trees and more nothing. I kept thinking the road would lead us somewhere eventually. It had to. Just after this next curve, just over this hill. Still nothing. I prayed. God came through.

We finally came upon a little grocery store. After my husband exhausted all of his 'dueling banjos' jokes we were able to get directions and use the bathroom. I was still in a lot of pain when we left and headed for the church. By the time I got out of the car I almost couldn't walk. I headed straight for the restrooms. It didn't help. So what did I do - I ate. Why not add a little food to my misery right? I did. Remember, I have never claimed to be real smart!

After another restroom visit and a few good-byes to family, Jay and I changed clothes and were on our way back home. We had to stop a few more times so I could go and by the time we made it home I was okay and the pain had ceased for the most part.

I called Dr. GI this morning first thing. He wants to do another EGD (upper scope) to see what's going on. I will have that done on Monday afternoon. Hopefully I will get pictures. Hopefully we will figure out what is going on with my guts to make me have this pain. I am sure the stress of this week's events hasn't helped but I wouldn't think it would be an every day thing every time I eat that I get pain and horribly loud bowel sounds. Plus I have been having this nagging pain in my upper right abdominal area. "Quadrant" I believe is the term they use. Liver? I don't know. I already had my gall bladder out so that's not it. I don't know. Guess I will find out Monday.


Jenny said...

I get that pain in the upper right quad too. Sometimes it's horrible, others it's non-existent. I'm wondering if it's ulceration in the duodenum. I'll be very curious to hear about the results of your upper endo! I think I should have one too.

BrightSide said...

Hope you feel better soon!