Sunday, January 18, 2009

Back home only to leave again

Youth convention is behind me now and I made the whole trip there and back home again and didn't need my ERPK! Thank GOD! It was fun explaining it to the youth group though. They were amazingly cool about it - and no one was grossed out. I love those kids!

The convention was fun though I did have some serious diarrhea issues that has given way to some painful bleeding whenever I go now. My stomach is hurting pretty bad but it's mostly the residual stress from the weekend and the upcoming stress of this week.

I got the phone call this morning that my brother in law passed away just after midnight. He lost his battle with brain cancer but he is dancing in Heaven happy and healthy and praise God that he is no longer suffering. It hurts so much for us here who are left to go on without him. My heart is completely broken for my sister and their children (3 years and 8 weeks old). Jay and I will be traveling yet again this week to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to my sister's. ERPK in tow and God willing, I won't need to use it on this trip either.

Stressful situation definitely play a role in chronic diseases like Crohn's. The more upset I get the more my stomach acts up. Usually I am okay during the stressful time and then a couple days later I reap the symptoms. I have been so worried and stressed lately that it has been a continual daily fight with my guts. If it isn't pain it's gas rolling around in there and making horrible noises. If it isn't diarrhea it's bleeding and diarrhea. Right now - it's everything combined. My emotions are very much tied to what my stomach does and since I am currently all over the map with my emotions my stomach doesn't know what to do. And it refuses to just relax and be quiet.

I'll post more when I get back from my sister's this week. Remember to hug your loved ones and tell them how much you love them. Know that your strength comes from the Lord and even though you go through tough times He is right there with you. And pray for my sister and her children please.

God bless you.


Richard Lewis said...

Just surfing around. Sorry to hear about your brother in law passing and appreciate your sense of humor in the face of your own problem.In fact, this complete stranger just said a prayer for you

J~E~N~N~I said...

Thank you so much Richard. Stop by any time! :)


BrightSide said...

My condolences Jenni! So sorry about your brother in law.

Yeah, stress and emotional distress can destroy your guts- make sure you take time out for yourself- relax, have warm bath, read a book. It's easy to be on the go like crazy, but your Crohn's needs a rest! Good luck!