Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Why is it so HOT????

For the last three or four days I cannot seem to stay cool enough. I am sweating badly and just all around hot and feel like it's about 100 degrees wherever I am. It's really cold and rainy outside here too but I am ready to break out my swimming suit! Oh - no! No one needs to see that!

Other than the profuse hottness (and not in a good way) I am feeling pretty good. Little pain, little nausea, going to the bathroom a little more than I would like but nothing bad. Things seem to be calming down a bit. I'm tired but have enough energy to get through the workday. That makes my boss happy which, in turn, makes my life a heck of a lot easier.

Next scheduled appt. to Dr. GI is this Thursday. I'll let ya know.



BrightSide said...

At least that's a relatively mild problem- you can always come to my place and shovel some snow! ;)

Glad to hear you're doing ok though!

Jenni Schaeffer said...

I've actually not been wearing my coat outside lately and if I'm not careful I am going to catch pneumonia! I don't need that!!! Send us some snow please!!! I LOVE cold weather!