Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Moon Face

It has happened. The day I feared and dreaded since I was put back on prednisone. Moon face. It's here and it landed on my face. My cheeks are poofy and I feel like I could play the Godfather without the cotton balls.

However, even though I look like a total freak I am in a particularly good mood today. I'm not sure why. My stomach is crampy and gassy and bloated and I keep going to the bathroom and I am experiencing some other lovely side effects from the prednisone but I really am in good spirits today. I attribute a lot of it to my wonderful MP3 player that has been permanently implanted in my ears while I am at work so I can drowned out all the nonsense going on around me. I even added a few songs for Christmas. Tran Siberian Orchestra ROCKS! As does Third Day's rendition of Do You Hear What I Hear. And I am not usually a Christmas person. Must be the steroids!

I hope all is well in your corner of the world. Not much else to report as of lately. Don't go back to see Dr. GI until the 11th. I think he might still add the Methotrexate or Pentasa. I really hope he doesn't up the 'sone. Guess we will find out next week.

Lots of love to ya...


BrightSide said...

Hi Jenni! I'm glad to hear that your mood is up! That's what matters. The moon face will go away- don't worry. I wanted to suggest to you to ask your doctor about an alternative steroid to Prednisone. My close friend also has Crohn's and has had it for years, and she says that Budesonide is an alternative to Prednisone which has __fewer side effects__ ! Ask your doctor about it- I'm curious to know what he/she says... :)

BrightSide said...

Oh, here's what wikipedia says about it- it mentions it is used for IBD: