Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Yea, I did it again! I had a family get together and ate entirely toooooooo much and now my stomach is acting up. It happened at Thanksgiving and again this last weekend when my side of the family got together to celebrate Christmas before Christmas because that was the only time we could all get together. And food was continual from Saturday to Sunday.

Prednisone is a funny drug because it gives you - well, me anyway - a free license to eat. I can use it as my excuse to keep eating because I never feel full even though I know it's just the drug and not my actual stomach. Normally I wouldn't be hungry all the time or want to even eat some of the things I have eaten in the last week but yet there I was, eating sausage, cheese and salsa dip. Tons of cookies with nuts, popcorn, cabbage rolls with saurkraut and I gotta say one thing - IT WAS AWESOME!!! Until the stomach pain started. Then not so much.

I have one more family festivity to get through tomorrow night with Jay's family and I will no doubt be eating everything in sight. After that it will be back to sensible eating and limited selections. I can handle that. So can my waistline!

Merry Christmas to you and yours and happy eating....

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