Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night I found myself in that most uncomfortable situation again, both physically and socially. My husband and I are youth leaders at our church and during our service last night it started. The deep, loud gurgles in my stomach. I had a bowel 'kink' and my guts were NOT happy about it. I don't know for sure if it is actually, really a bowel kink or not but I can only imagine that this is what is happening inside me. Kind of like when you take a running garden hose and pinch it off and it backs everything up. Due to my many surgeries I have quite a bit of scar tissue that sometimes does it's own thing inside my belly. Most of the time it behaves itself and remains quiet but I think it felt like being a little devious yesterday because I was in a lot of pain. And was becoming increasingly noisy!

As I sat there quietly trying to listen to our guest speaker my bowels started up. Long, drawn out bowel sounds that can only be described as someone passing gas - only no gas was coming out at all. It was just moving around in my intestines. From one side to the other. I tried to make my standard excuse: "Oh, my stomach is growling, I must be hungry" but I wasn't. I was in pain and totally embarrassed! And just to be clear, I was not farting in church - again, nothing was coming out - just moving around inside. UGH!

This type of situation has happened to me off and on since my resection in 1996. I can go through periods of time when it very rarely happens over several months and other times when it happens on a daily basis. It is comical sometimes to see the look on people's faces when they hear what kind of notes my bowels can hit. But most of the time it happens at the worst moments. Job interviews, meetings, church, quiet places, etc.

This is one reason that I love my husband. He understand when my stomach does weird stuff and can laugh with me. Okay, sometimes he laughs at me, but mostly I am laughing too because the noises that my belly can make are kinda funny.... when I'm not in church!

Here's to a gas free day.....

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BrightSide said...

*laughs* I know that quite well, but it's usually just a little peep of sound. What if you go to the washroom and jump around a bit to readjust your insides? I wonder if that would help? :)