Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Down to 10mg

Whoo hoo!!! I'm down to 10mg of Prednisone. I'm on my way to getting off this drug and that is awesome! I had another visit with Dr. GI yesterday. Waited for 2 1/2 hours. He apparently had a "walk-in colonoscopy". Now I haven't quite figured out how this works and as my husband and I not so patiently waited we came up with lots of funny jokes to explain this phenomenon. I'll spare you - they are all in pretty bad taste, but know they were really funny. Dr. GI actually cracked a few too once we got back there.

But I am healing and Dr. GI said I should call him in 2 more weeks with an update on my progress. If I crash and burn between now and then I should call him and I'll have to go back up to 15mg. Apparently, and I didn't know this believe it or not, there is a HUGE difference between 10mg and 15mg of Prednisone. It's a major cutoff point for some of the side effects (YAY!!!) and normally the good ole doc would have taken me from 15mg to 12.5mg instead of 10mg as to avoid any relapses of symptoms but I kinda helped him along. **CONFESSION** I sorta started on 10mg on Sunday because I had a feeling he would decrease my dosage on Monday anyway but I didn't realize that he wouldn't have decreased to 10mg just yet. I got a lecture from not only Dr. GI but my husband as well: "You can't just go around changing your steroid dosage on your own. A doctor has to decrease your dosage. Etc..." Okay, okay, I learned my lesson. (But regardless I'm still on 10 mg. Tee-hee!)

So ends the year of 2008 and I am really looking forward to 2009 and becoming healthier. I have actually only gained 12 pounds since I started the steroids and normally I would have gained 30 or more so I am pleased that I didn't gain too much weight and I can start working on losing it since the dosage is finally lower now. I am still kind of all over the place with my moods and I think I am experiencing a lot of paranoia. Has anyone ever had this as a side effect before? Who said that? Why are you talking about me???!?!!!


BrightSide said...

*whisper* They're talking about you!! *smile*

Becca said...

my mo has had paranoia on prednisone. its a weird thing