Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Dr. GI said I can go down to 20 mg of Prednisone!!! WHOO HOO!!! This should help to alleviate my "ocular migraines" that I am having. That is what he said the eyeball pain was. Plus the lower the dose of steroids the less side effects, right? That's my thinking anyway. So less joint pain, less nausea, less everything hopefully.

I had to laugh today when I was explaining my eyeball pain to someone at work and they said "Wow these lights must really be hurting your eyes." Um, DUH! People are stupid sometimes. But that just makes me laugh. It has become fun for me to try and juggle a real life and this treatment and feeling like crap all the time. Crohn's is trying to ruin me and I have decided I'm not going to let it. I hope I don't change my mind in five minutes!

I am in a little better spirits today. I'm really kinda grouchy from the steroids but I am trying to have fun with it. I am having some serious hot flashes too so I think I am going to bring a beach ball and an umbrella to work and pretend I'm on the beach. Hook up some sweet ocean wave sounds and drink out of a coconut all day and say "Aloha!" everytime someone walks by. That would be funny. Okay, I've officially lost my mind!

Have a great day!!!

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BrightSide said...

It's good to read you're having a positive attitude toward the difficulties. It's hard, but I try to do the same thing. And yeah, totally get a CD of ocean wave sounds. I have one, and LOVE it!