Sunday, November 16, 2008

I gotta say this SUCKS!

I took off a half a day of work on Thursday and all day on Friday and tried to rest most of this weekend. My bones hurt so bad because of this Prednisone. I sleep with the heating pad and try to alternate with ice but it isn't helping much. The two different pain meds I have tried don't help either.

The strangest thing is my eyeballs hurt. Like really bad. Consequently my head hurts and I am a little nauseous. I don't remember they eye pain before when I was on this drug. Maybe since I'm older I am reacting different. I don't know. All I know is this whole situation with the Prednisone really sucks! It hurts to just be. I am wondering which was worse - pooping all day long or being in pain all day. Hmmmm, quite the toss up!

So begins another week at work. I see Dr. GI tomorrow and see what the status is. I'll post the update. Sorry I can't be more positive. It's just kinda hard right now. :(

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Becca said...

man it seems like science could come up with some alternative huh? I'm sorry you feel so bad.