Monday, November 10, 2008

Half cap mocha frappa latte with a shot of... HUH?

I feel like I have ingested about a gazillion cups of coffee. I am so awake and jittery and my energy level is on fast forward. I'm waiting the crash - it has to happen soon, right?

With all this new found energy I was able to get a lot of work done in our youth room this weekend. My husband and I are the youth leaders at our church and we are redecorating. It started off as just repainting on Saturday but yesterday about 3:00pm it turned into a "let's rip out the drop ceiling and do something cool to give the room that warehouse look". Yeah, well after two panic attacks that we were going to get thrown out of church for destroying the room even though we actually did have the Pastor's permission to make the improvements, the room is a nice organized mess right now. The painting that we did looks great. The back wall is even a chalkboard now which is going to be really cool. It was a lot of fun hanging out with the youth who helped and watching them have a great time revamping their room.

But even though their is still so much work left to do I am somehow still energized and ready to attack more. I am having trouble sitting behind the boring desk at work today. I think I am going to shake right out of my skin this morning. It's got to be the Prednisone. UGH!

Well maybe I will go file or do something where I can stand for a while and see if I can settle my body down. I did get some sleep which really only energized me more. Imagine that!

Stay tuned!

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