Friday, October 3, 2008

A trip to the hospital

I was sent home from work yesterday. My boss said I was much sicker than I realized and suggested I, again, call my GI and "force" him to do something instead of just putting me off until my colonoscopy and EGD on the 16th. She even suggested I go to the hospital because I was so obviously dehydrated. I took her advice , called my husband and we went to the hospital.
They took quick action with me and I had no wait at all to get back in a bed. They started an IV immediately and drew about four vials of blood. It wasn't long after that when the ER doctor appeared and took a long history from me. I was scheduled for a CAT scan of my abdomen so they could see what was causing me pain and severe diarrhea. They pumped a bag full of saline into my vein so fast I could touch the vein and feel the liquid pumping in. I received one whole IV bag in an hour. Usually it takes at least four to six hours to receive a bag of fluid. I was starting to realize they were pretty serious about wanting to help me. But when the first bag was finished, they never gave me any more. I thought that was odd.
Shortly after the IV fluid incident they soon brought in the 1200 CCs of tasty contrast I had to drink to prepare for the CAT scan. It was 'on the rocks' to make it freezing cold and every time I finished a cup of it I would slam the cup on the table and demand that Jay "hit me" again. He just laughed and refilled my cup for me. That's the way I have to look at these awful preparations for tests. Have as much fun with it and play games to get through it with humor. It makes it a little easier. Once finished with the last cup of whatever it is that I have to drink I throw the cup across the room to celebrate the accomplished feat. I know - I'm a dork! But it works for me.
So I go down to get the scan and almost vomited as they injected me with more dye. I was also pretty sure I peed my pants but I didn't. That is just how the dye makes you feel. I prayed the whole time that something be revealed so the doctors would know for sure what was wrong with me. Jesus got me through it and I didn't throw up.
The results of the scan showed some thickening in my sigmoid colon. I have never had any problems in any of my colon that I know of so I was a bit confused. The ER doctor told Jay and I that it may or may not be active Crohn's but they wanted me to start a course of Prednisone regardless. Then he said he would double check with my GI to see what he wanted to do.
Three hours later the nurse came in with my discharge papers and told me I was ready to go home. I was confused. The doctor never came back in, I was still in pain and had a ton of questions. The nurse told me to follow up with my GI and get the Prednisone prescription filled and start taking it. Then she gave me a brochure about Crohn's disease and said to call my doctor immediately if I was experiencing any stomach pain, blood in my stool or diarrhea. Um, that's why I was in the hospital to begin with. It didn't make sense. I was shoved out the door and left with no more knowledge than what I went to the hospital with. It still may or may not be my Crohn's flaring.
I called my GI this morning and they actually were able to reschedule my colonoscopy and EGD to this coming Wednesday - October 8th. Funny how they couldn't make it any sooner until I went to the hosptial on my own... Also I am also supposed to start taking 40mg of Prednisone but I'm not so sure about that so I just said NO! I am not starting the drug from H-E double hockey sticks until I know for absolute truth that it is my Crohn's. And even then I am going to beg for Entocort instead. I just have a bad relationship with Prednisone so I don't want to even think about taking that drug right now.
It's Friday, I'm home on the couch, I feel really bad and have a monster headache. Also, I have lost 4 pounds in the last two days. I just pray that the colonoscopy reveals what is really going on with me - without a doubt and no generalizations of 'it could be, but we aren't sure.' It's all in God's hands.


Techgurl said...

I feel for you. I have had Crohn's for 36 years and its terrible and embarrassing illness and the medications are almost as bad as the illness.

However there is some good things happening now so hopefully new treatments will be available for you that were not available for me.

Also find the best GI you can, if you don't like your GI find another.

Jenni Schaeffer said...

I'm about to go back to the dr that first diagnosed me. I hope to hear more from you... Don't be a stranger.

God bless,