Wednesday, October 22, 2008


My new friend who writes the Bright Side blog has started a series of posts about tips for dealing with Crohn's. I do not want to step on her toes but I have tried to put this on her blog as a comment several times and the computer just freaks out and kicks me off the internet every time and I lose the comment. SO hopefully she will read this and put it on her blog. Either way, it's very important when you have Crohn's, Colitis, Celiac or any other digestive issue that you prepare and put in your car (or whatever car you will be in while traveling) a "EMERGENCY ROADSIDE POTTY KIT" or "ERPK".

Items needed
A good size bucket (ironically my bucket is 'bile' green)
A roll of TP
2-3 plastic grocery bags (Wal-mart, Kroger, etc)
A roll of paper towels
Baby wipes for freshness
Extra pair (or 4) of underware

All items can be put into one of the plastic bags and placed into the bucket and stored in your trunk. Instand ERPK

I developed this little system (which I am sure everyone else already uses) after a little mishap in a 2 hour long dead stop traffic jam several years ago. I am sooooo glad I was just with my husband and mother in law and not a co-worker or someone I barely know. I didn't have the "ERPK" and made due with what my MIL had in her trunk. God bless that woman she had enough to get me through. I was totally mortified but I lived and we laugh about it now.

The bottom line it - BE PREPARED. If you don't have one - get an "ERPK" today! You never know when a crisis situation could hit and you never know when traffic will hit and you don't want to be ..... well, you can imagine. And don't forget to check out Bright Side for more tips!

Anyone else got a funny story?


BrightSide said...

Oh my gosh! At first when I read this... I was cracking up thinking it was hilarious... then... slowly I started to think, wait a minute.. that's a good idea!! The extra garbage bags could even double as a privacy screen. *laughs*

Great idea. I will definitely add the ERPK to my next post. Wow. Just... wow.

Don't know why your comment wouldn't work. Maybe it was too long? *shrug*

BrightSide said...

Actually, maybe I should add one to my car too. *sigh*

BrightSide said...

Actually, I can improve on it... the ERPK+ :

- Add an empty plastic grocery bag to the bucket as you would when lining a garbage can. Then you can remove the bag when finished, tie it up tight and dispose, or maybe double bag it into one of the bigger garbage bags.