Monday, September 29, 2008

Pharmacy foul up - my bad!

One of the hardest things about managing a chronic illness has got to be time management. Trying to work a full time job is hard enough if you have a family and like to participate in a few extra curricular activities once in a while. But when you have an illness that likes to make your life miserable not only for the short term, but the long term also, it can be a multi-tasking nightmare.
Point one - Most doctors don’t see patients or schedule tests after 5 o’clock or on Saturdays which all but forces you to take time off work to get things accomplished if you want to take care of your health. And that is just for a normal healthy person. When there is a chronic illness involved it takes much more than just making a yearly routine doctor appointment. There are tests to be taken, follow up appointments to be made and prescriptions to drop off and have filled that will later need picked up. There are testing preparations to buy and time off work to prepare for testing – not to mention the tests themselves. Plus the endless amount of time you have to spend on the phone with doctors offices just trying to get someone to talk to you and once you finally get a live person on the phone, they always say they have to check with the doctor and will call you back. Then you have to wait some more, with baited breath, and not leave your phone unattended for one minute because as soon as you get up and walk away, RING-RING, that’s when they call you back.
Cell phones are great devices to side step this particular issue, however if you happen to have left your cell phone at home on the charger (like I manage to do sometimes) it doesn’t do you a bit of good. So you are tied to your phone at work. And when you have uncontrollable diarrhea ten times (or more) a day it puts a real damper on trying to catch that nurse when she calls back.
For instance, I was irresponsible with my medication last week. This is a rarity. I am usually on top of what is going on with my meds. I always have been. My pharmacy and I have a great love/hate relationship. They love my money and I hate their service. I have set up the automatic refill on a couple of my meds for easy pick up. One particular medicine I need every single day is set up on this convenient plan. Except it was late on Friday when I realized I forgot to go get it I had no choice but to wait until Saturday. Saturday came and went and if you see my I had a bad weekend post you will see how our Saturday turned out. The prescription never got picked up Saturday either. This is why I am usually not a very spontaneous person. But anywho… come Sunday Jay went to get my meds and came home with a couple – but not the one I so desperately needed. That is when I realized – I had NO REFILLS left!!! Schnykees! (You'd think the pharmacy would have called or sent an e mail or something!)
I got to work this morning and called the doctor to see if they could call the prescription refill into the pharmacy. After being on hold for over 10+ minutes, hanging up to go run to the bathroom barely making it in time and calling back to hold for another 9+ minutes, I finally got the receptionist who not so politely took my info and I was left to wait some more and hope the script got called in promptly.
After a few hours of not hearing anything from the doctor’s office I called the pharmacy and the script was finally in and ready for pick up!
I guess it really could have been worse. I could have NOT made it to the bathroom at work in time and had to explain THAT to my boss.
Have a great week!!!! Just think, it's only Monday....


BrightSide said...

I don't want to seem odd, commenting on every one of your blog posts... but you really touched on a big issue I'm facing too. The fact that doctor's offices are not open evenings or weekends is a monstrous pain in the.. um, bowels. I have to take time off work, and then make up for the lost time, which is never less than an hour and a half. Which means I have to work late for the next couple of days; something that is a massive challenge when a chronic illness like Crohn's is making you tired. If only they could do something like be open Tuesday to Saturday. Or... like 11 am to 7pm. *sigh*

I really do find time management to be a challenge. When your health is on your mind, it is MAJORLY ON your mind. Everything else seems like the straw that will break your back. Ah well. You and I can both look on the Bright Side, and be thankful that we are capable of going to work. And from the sounds of it- you have a desk job too. Three cheers for that! :)

PS- thanks for your blog. Between us and Alicia, we're making quite the Crohn's blogging team. *laughs* Go team Crohn's! :)

Jenni Schaeffer said...

Comment anytime you want Brightside! I am glad this blog is helping you. That's all I want. And it's nice to know I am not alone in this fight! Team Crohn's - I like it! Well, actually I hate knowing we all have this but I'm glad we can make a difference!!!